Support the Big Give 2017 – Christmas Challenge

Following last year’s success, ELF will again take part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge, the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign.
This year we aim to raise funds for to help us launch ELF’s Trainee Haematologist Research programme. Why support this project? It is hard for haematologists early in their careers to find funds to undertake blood cancer related research. As research programmes become more sophisticated and very expensive to undertake, we believe that there is a risk of missing the ‘small investment – big change’ opportunities. For this reason ELF aims to provide research grants of up to £5K per clinician, to fund agile, innovative research proposals that could potentially lead to better treatments and improved patient care. Offering support uniquely to this group will also encourage talented clinicians to stay in the discipline of blood cancer research in the UK.

What is the The Christmas Challenge and how does it work? 
The Christmas Challenge helps UK registered charities to raise funds for projects by doubling donations when the campaign goes live on 12pm on 28th November and runs until 12pm on 5th December.
ELF will need a matching pot of funds which will be used to double donations in the Christmas Challenge. The matching pot will need to be sourced by ELF (‘Pledges’) from our supporters (such as yourself!) as well as funds sourced by the Big Give (‘Champions’) which are available if we are successfully selected by a Champion.

If you would like to Pledge an amount which could potentially be doubled:

As part of our application, we need our key supporters to make promises of funding of a minimum of £100, called ‘Pledges’, which will be used as match funds to double online donations made to our charity during the campaign. Your commitment of funding might also help us to secure additional match funds via a Champion (sourced by the Big Give).

We are aiming to raise a total of £1,250 in pledges to take part in the Christmas Challenge. If you would be willing to make a pledge to us, in the hope that this will be doubled, you can do so by completing this online form by Thursday 30 August 2017:
If you wish to become a Pledger, your pledge will be used to match online donations made to the charity when the Christmas Challenge 2017 campaign goes live, from 12pm on 28th November – 12pm on 5th December. The timeline for fulfilling the pledge (i.e. paying the funds to us) is 5th December 2017 – 12th January 2018. Fulfilment of any pledge is conditional on us receiving the appropriate online donations during the campaign (28th November – 5th December). Pledgers will only be required to pay a pro-rata amount of their pledge if we don’t hit our online target – it’s our guarantee to them that we are committed to raising additional donations. Please note that if you pledge to us, you will not be able to make an online donation to us in December because your pledge will be used to match these donations.

If you feel you can’t support us a a Pledger, but wish to support us during the campaign 12pm on 28th November – 12pm on 5th December or have any questions or queries about this initiative, please email us at:


Thank you in advance for your interest and support!