Patient Support Grants

Financial support for leukaemia patients

Especially if you were the main breadwinner before you contracted leukaemia, should you find yourself in financial difficulty, there are various areas of financial support that may be able to assist you.

ELF Patient Support Grants

Financial Criteria

Whilst ELF will take individual circumstances into account applicants must be prepared to demonstrate that there is financial hardship. The guidelines we use as the basis upon which financial hardship is judged is that the person for whom the grant is being applied for has savings amounting to no more than £6,000 if single or £8,000 for a couple or family, and that the household disposable income is under £100 per person per week (Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance do not count as disposable income). Any grant, if made, will be a one-off payment and may be for all or part of that requested. Only in exceptional circumstances will a grant of more than £500 be awarded.

Please contact us for an application form and full conditions.


For ELF patient support grants you need to apply through a health or social care professional, such as a social worker, district nurse, if you have one. And they’ll need to attach a short medical report from your doctor, consultant.