Our Current Activities

Patient Centred Research

A particular area of emphasis this year is in non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Dr Robert Carr, based at Guy’s Hospital, is leading a nationwide study to investigate the biology, treatment, response to treatment and survival in young adults aged 16-29 years with all forms of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. This is a very under-researched age group with cure rates lower than in younger children and older adults with no one yet understanding why this should be.

Dr Shireen Kassam at King’s is running a programme of MRI scanning to identify non-responders to standard treatment for NHL.

In the area of AML, Dr Stefan Meyer at Christie in Manchester is investigating the impact of developmental stage and age on gene expression in childhood and adult AML.

If you would like more detail on the progress of any of our research programmes, please do call us in the office on 020 8249 6038.

Patient Counselling

Since 2013 ELF has been funding Dr Clare Jacobson, a Clinical Psychologist based at Guy’s Hospital. Dr Jacobson has developed a universal service so that any young person with blood cancer is assessed for psychological needs and a range of further support can then be given. This counselling support is offered to blood cancer patients and their families further to their diagnosis and can continue through treatment and well into remission as this can be of immense benefit to the patients.  This might range from one-to-one sessions to support groups or social days out and appearance workshops for young people.  This counselling support has helped a huge number of children and young adults deal with the trauma of a cancer diagnosis and once successfully treated get back to their normal life pathway.

Research has identified that patient and family support can have significant positive impact on patient physical recovery. It is an area that ELF is looking to develop further counselling support services.